******   Fun Junction has closed its business.  We will now be going to Sky Zone instead.  We will be making phone calls to make sure that people who are registered for Fun Junction actually want to keep their spot for the new location!

Van Buren:  The playground site at Van Buren is closed at pavilion B.  We will be opening 25 more spots over at the Lodge.  For more information, please click on the link (additional spots)

Van Buren Field Trips:  All field trips are full, except bowling.  We have about 15 spots left in that field trip.  Please sign up soon if you need a spot!


Reynolds:  Everything is still open at this site!  We have about 50 spots left in the actual program and each field trip has about 10-15 spots left.  Please don’t  wait to register!




Registration sheets will not be posted until Thursday, March 15th

**Price in actual registration reflects the new minimum wage increase.


 Pricing for the Summer Playground Program are as follows:

(please note that these prices are for the FULL 5 1/2 weeks of the program, not per week)

9am-2pm:  $70 for Residents;  $75 for Non-residents


Extended Day Camp I (8:30am-5:00pm):

 Town Residents:  $410.00 per child / Non-residents: $425.00 per child  (POOL PASS INCLUDED)

– If paid for by April 20th, there will be a $10 deduction per child ($400 Residents/$415 Non-Residents)


Extended Day Camp II (7:30am-6:00pm):

Town Residents:  $470.00 per child / Non-residents: $485.00 per child  (POOL PASS INCLUDED)

– If paid for by April 20th, there will be a $10 deduction per child ($460 Residents/$475 Non-Residents)


** In order to receive the $10 discount registrations will need to be IN THE OFFICE no later than April 20th or, if mailed, posted dated by April 20th – there will be no exceptions!


** There are five field trips this summer.  Field trips are extra and will be an additional $9-$16 a piece.
The 2018 Playground Program will be held at both Van Buren Park (pavilion B) and Reynolds Elementary School this year. The Playground Program will run from Monday, June 25- Friday, August 3th this year (with the exception of Tuesday, July 3 and Wednesday, July 4- so plan accordingly).  Please note that there is no playground for children at the Reynolds playground if they are not signed up for field trip days!

The only extension program will be offered at Van Buren Park and will run from 8:30am-5:00pm or 7:30am-6:00pm for those interested. We will only take a maximum of 120 participants for this extended program, so please register early! Prices are listed above and under the link below.

We will also be offering two weeks of day camp extension this summer. The first will run from August 6th-10th and the second will run from August 13th-August 17th. We will offer a 9am-2pm drop off, a 8:30am-5:00pm drop off and a 7:30am-6:00pm drop off schedule (prices listed under the link below).

* Anyone sending in registration sheets from online must download a Parent Permission Sheet and fill one out for each child and mail in with payment – please note that for Van Buren extension participants there is an additional form that must be filled out and mailed in before we will process payment (this can be found in the parent letter – last page).

 Please realize the price for the extension weeks is per week.


Parent Letter 2018

Playground Program Registration Sheet

Extension Week Sheet