UPDATE (4/9/2021): 

As of 4/8/21, the decision has been made to cancel the Summer Playground Program at the Van Buren Park location.   We will be running a very small program at McNamara Elementary School (~50 kids).  We are waiting to finalize dates and a few other things with the Health Dept. before posting the registration forms.

In the meantime, anyone looking to place their kids in the McNamara program, please be aware of the following:

  •  The program will run for 5 weeks, from 9am-2pm (dates still pending), for kids  6-12
  • Kids will be placed in pods of 10.  If registering more than one child, siblings will be placed in the same pod, regardless of age, to minimize exposure to other pods.
  • We will start registration the first week of May.   Town of Van Buren residents will have a week to register first and then we will open up registration to non-residents, if any slots are still available.
  • You will need to have updated vaccine records from your child’s primary care doctor at the time of registration.  We will not accept any paperwork without these.


Because we are not offering a Summer Playground Program, at Van Buren Park, we will be offering 5 or more 1 week themed camps (Science camps, dinosaur camp, under the sea, etc).  These will be posted on under our “recreation program” link starting the last week of August.  The spaces are extremely minimal, so please don’t wait to register for these.

We will continue to update the website, as more information becomes available.
















**  IMMUNIZATION RECORDS:  Immunization records MUST accompany the playground registration form for each child.  We will not accept registration without them.  Please contact your doctor’s office now so you are not waiting for them later on!



Playground Program Registration Sheet –  will be available when the decision has been made about the program.  Please remember the registration must me mailed, emailed or faxed and must have payment and immunization records with it in order to be taken.


Parent Permission Sheet (PDF DOCUMENT) – included in the registration form this year.

Parent Letter 2021 – will be available late June (we need more info from the Health Dept first)

Extension Week Sheet – will be available after the five week program has started