Info for Residents in Lower Seneca Knolls

Seneca Knolls Residents on:

Leonard Drive

Gerald Drive

Mark Drive

Paul Lane

Seneca View

Northrup Boulevard

Henderson Boulevard


Dear Neighbors,


The Town of Van Buren is conducting long-range planning of road and drainage improvements in your neighborhood.  This planning will look at road conditions, drainage facilities, and funding sources.


As part of this process, the Town requires a comprehensive survey of the entire neighborhood.  The Town has contracted with Ianuzzi & Romans Land Surveying to complete this survey work.  You will see their personnel throughout your neighborhood over the next several weeks.  The more information they can collect during their fieldwork, the better plan we can have going forward.


Should you have any questions regarding this project please feel free to contact our Town Engineer, Jason Hoy, at or (315) 635-3011.



Town of Van Buren



Clause E. Sykes

Town Supervisor