Winter/Spring 2017 Recreation Programs

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Winter/Spring Brochure (Full Version)

** Changes to Yoga – see below

Winter/Spring Brochure Programs:

Pee Wee Wrestling

WHO: Boys and girls, grades 1-6

WHEN: Mondays and Wednesdays, January 9-March 2 (except 1/16 and 2/1)

TIME: 6:15pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Baker High School Wrestling Room FEE: $35/participant (Min. for class= 15; Max. # in class = 35)

Pee Wee Wrestling has returned to the Town of Van Buren. This program will be held in a safe and fun environment where wrestlers will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport. With this they will learn respect for self and others, as well as discipline and self confidence.

Safe Sitter Babysitting Course



WHO: Boys and girls 11-15 years old

WHEN: Session I: Tuesday, February 21  or 

               Session II: Wednesday, March 15

TIME: 9:00am-3:30pm

WHERE: Van Buren Park Lodge FEE: $50/participant (Min. for class= 4; Max. # in class = 8)

Safe Sitter® teaches young teens everything they need to know to be safe when they're home alone, watching younger siblings or babysitting. Participants will learn life-saving skills such as how to rescue someone who's choking, basic first aid, how to handle situations that may occur, how to prevent injuries, how to seek help when serious issues arise and helpful information like what to do if there is severe weather.

Students will need to remain on site for the entire time so each participant will need to bring the following items to class: a lunch, drink, snack, notebook and a pen/pencil.

Girls Basketball (K-2)


 WHO:  Girls ages K-2

WHEN:   Fridays, April 28 - June 2    

TIME:  6:00-6:45pm

WHERE:  Elden  Elementary School

FEE: $30.00/participant  (Min for class = 7; Max. for class = 20)

** Includes a t-shirt


The Little Ladies Basketball skills camp is for girls in grades pre-k to grade 2. The Little Ladies Basketball skills camp is intended to teach the basic fundamentals of the game of basketball. Participants will learn how to dribble, pass, catch, shoot, and move while playing both offense and defense. Participants will also gain general knowledge including game rules.







WHEN:   Classes begin anytime after January 2 (Have 60 days from the 1st class attended to use the 6 classes).

WHAT:        Mondays:  A Yin or Yang Class                  Wednesdays:  Hatha Yoga classes or Gentle Yoga

AGES:  13 and older

TIME:    See below

WHERE:   New, beautiful, studio location at Willow Health & Wellness

Center, 3090 Belgium Road (Rt 31).   Across from NYS Troopers

Station in the Physical Therapy Plus Building. Please use the rear

entrance to the building.

FEE:      $54 - 6 Class Variety Punch Card


Mondays 4:30-5:45pm AND Wednesday 4:45-5:45pm
YANG / YIN YOGA- Great for Runners, Cyclists, as well as Athletic beginners and Yogis looking to restore balance & deepen flexibility
Yang is an active, warming practice requiring transitioning at a faster pace, focusing on balance and building and maintaining functional muscle strength in core, arms, glutes and legs. Incorporates vinyasa posture flows and light dumb bells with planks and core conditioning. This is a 25 minute portion of class.  Yin is a slower, passive practice focusing on deeper stretching of lower body.  A series of long-held passive floor poses, seated or laying that work on the tendons, ligaments and fascia of the lower body— hips, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs,  lower spine. These poses are held for a longer time, 2-5 minutes, allowing for a deep release of tension, improved circulation and greater flexibility for the body as well as a relaxing, and meditative practice for the mind. This 50 minute portion of the class is a sometimes intense, always calming, and is a stress relieving practice. Get it ALL in one class.

WEDNESDAYS 9:00-10:15am
This is a Kripalu  based class which teaches classic yoga postures with deep awareness of correct alignment. Each class will begin with centering on breath (pranayama) allowing you to turn inward and focus on the experience of the body and breath (meditation). Gentle warm-up stretches follow and move into a variety of yoga postures (asana). The postures will challenge the body & mind through strengthening, deep stretching, relaxing and breathing while holding the postures. Poses may be held for an extended period of time adding to the challenge for both body and mind. Postures and holding times will be tailored according to fitness level of the class. This practice helps train the mind to be focused, alert and composed. Class ends with a lying out relaxation incorporating affirmations or guided relaxation. You will leave class feeling balanced, relaxed and energized.

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm
GENTLE & RESTORATIVE YOGA - all levels including beginners and those with limitations
This gentle practice benefits the bodies overall health and well-being. Class combines self-care techniques, gentle & supported poses, conscious breathing and meditation. It is appropriate for all students seeking the healing benefits of a very relaxing, gentle and restorative practice. Deep restorative work stretches and opens the body, improves posture, range of motion, and joint mobility. Reduces pain, muscle tension, and the effects of stress. Stimulates the immune system and helps balance the nervous system. Brings relief from fatigue and insomnia and prepares us for a full, restful night's sleep. Students with injuries, arthritis or other chronic conditions, limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice. Blankets, bolsters, straps, and blocks will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own. A chair can be provided for those who are uncomfortable on the floor (laying poses will be skipped with focus on breath to modify). Balances & grounds us in life. Now held weekly!


Please bring a yoga/exercise mat, blanket and water bottle to each class.  Wear comfortable clothing and try not to eat for two hours before the class.  There will also be mats to borrow, if needed.




Dog Obedience (Beginners and Manners classes)


 WHO:  Dogs (at least 4 mos. old) and their handler (at least 14 years old)

WHENThursdays,  March 9-April 13

TIME:    6:45-7:30PM

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:        $50/participant

(Min. for class= 3; Max. # in class = 6)

BeginnerThis class will cover basic obedience training, so handlers can have fun with their dogs!  Includes: heeling, stand, come, sit-stay and down-stay.

NOTEThose registered need to bring proof of Rabies, DHL and Parvo inoculations to first class.  You will also need to bring a six-foot lead and training collar to class.  Please bring treats for reinforcements..



WHO:  Dogs (at least 4 months);  handlers (at least 14 years old)

WHAT:  A continuation of basic dog obedience

WHEN:  Thursdays, March 9-April 13

TIME:    7:45pm-8:30pm

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:         $55.00/participant  (Min. in class = 3,

Max. in class =5)


This class covers body language, leash manners, setting boundaries, correcting unwanted behavior and defining socialization.


Training collar and 6' leash are required.  No flexi leads or choke collars allowed.  All dogs must have current vaccines.  Handlers should bring soft chewy treats.


Evaluations to ensure dogs have basic obedience skills, which are needed for the class, will be done the first night of class.


NOTEThose registered need to bring proof of Rabies, DHL and Parvo inoculations to first class.



Canvas Art


Who:  Kids 5 and up for all projects except crayon art;  8 and up for crayon art on March 9

Date: Thursdays: March 9, April 6 or May 4

Time:    5:30pm -  most projects will run 30-60 minutes

Location: Van Buren Park Lodge, Connors Road

Fee:  8”x10” canvas -  $10 

11”x14” canvas - $14

Minimum for each class=3; a maximum of 10 kids

 Unleash your little Picassos!  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to create a unique work of canvas art! There is no experience needed just your enthusiasm as our instructor will walk you through the creation. All the supplies are provided, participants will paint one canvas.

** Crayon art must be done on the 11”x14” canvas


March 9   (Crayon Art or Handprint Fish)



April 6 (Silhouette pictures)



May 4 (Handprint)




Jr Scientist Class



Jr Scientist I:

WHO:  Children 8-12 years old

WHEN:  Mondays, February 6-March 6 (except 2/20)

TIME:   5:45-7:00PM

WHERE:   Van Buren Lodge (off of Connors Road)

FEE: $45.00/child  (Min # of kids = 3, Max # of kids = 6)

 If you're looking for some fun science experiments for kids then you've come to the right place.  Learn interesting science facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways. You'll find a lot of experiments can be done using simple ingredients found around your house (with adult supervision of course). Basic materials can help you perform experiments that are simple, safe and perfect for kids.

Some of the experiments that we will be doing will include dancing raisins, elephant toothpaste, lumpy liquids/squishy solids and more!

** Kids will need to bring their own pair of goggles to the class! 


Jr Scientist II:

WHO:  Children 8-12 years old

WHEN:  Mondays, March 13-April 3

TIME:   5:45-7:00PM

WHERE:   Van Buren Lodge (off of Connors Road)

FEE: $45.00/child  (Min # of kids = 3, Max # of kids = 6)

 If you're looking for some fun science experiments for kids then you've come to the right place.  Learn interesting science facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways. You'll find a lot of experiments can be done using simple ingredients found around your house (with adult supervision of course). Basic materials can help you perform experiments that are simple, safe and perfect for kids.

Must have taken the first class in order to take this follow up class.

** Kids will need to bring their own pair of goggles to the class! 

Boater Safety Course



 WHO:  Ages 10 and up

WHAT:  A course in boater safety

WHEN:  Session I:  Sunday, March 5

Session II:  Sunday, March 19

Session III:  Saturday, April 1

Session IV: Saturday, April 22       

TIME:  9:00am. - 5:30pm

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:  $35.00 per participant (covers materials and certificates)

(Min. for class = 20; Max. for class= 30)


The Boating Safety Course is a comprehensive, one day, training class focusing on the importance of safety on the water. It presents an opportunity to learn from U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary certified instructors.  The course is specifically designed for New York State Boaters and tailored to local boating waters for the safe operation of boats and personal watercraft.

This course satisfies  the boater education requirements for ALL STATES.

Instructors that have extensive knowledge and experience with local boating,  are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, New York State Parks, and the National Safe Boating Council will provide professional instruction and answer your boating questions.

The number of students in each class is limited.  Advance registration is required.


Participants must pass the exam to receive their certification.




Christmas Craft Days


 WHO:  Children ages 6 and up

WHEN:  Saturday, December 10

TIME:  3:30pm - 5:00pm

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:   $12.00/child (Min. # of kids=6; Max # of kids=15)

No baking necessary! Real gingerbread pieces will be all ready to assemble and decorate without the mess of baking. Kids will be have icing, assorted candies, decorating bags and tips and a cardboard base to decorate with.  We will be watching Christmas movies while assembling and decorating  our houses.



WHO:  3 year olds and up

WHEN:  Saturday, December 17

TIME:  4:00-4:30pm

WHERE:  Van Buren Park Lodge  (Connors Road)

FEE:   $10.00/child (Min. # of kids=6; Max # of kids=15)

Do your kids leave cookies for Santa?  Kids can decorate their own holiday plate, for Santa this year -  they are fun to do and will be a real keepsake.   Or give as a special gift for that special person on your holiday list.  After decorating the plate, kids will finish by decorating some of their own cookies to take home.



  WHO:  Children ages 5 and up

(younger children may sign up but only if  accompanied by an adult!)

WHEN:  Saturday, December 10

TIME:  12:30-3:00pm

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:   $20.00/child (Min. # of kids=6; Max # of kids=15)


Kids will create between 4 - 8 Christmas keepsakes right before the holiday season.  Crafts will include salt dough handprints, Christmas ornaments, reindeer pals, etc.

We will be watching  Christmas movies as we are making our crafts.

Please make sure your children come dressed in old clothes.



 WHO:  Anyone 3 and older

WHEN:  Saturday, December 10

TIME:  10:30am-11:30am

WHERE:  Van Buren Town Hall

FEE:   $13.00/participant   (Minimum for class=3;  Max for class=6)


Capture a handprint that will last forever in a 3-Dimensional plaster mold.  Plaster will need to dry overnight.  Children will take the mold home for the night, along with supplies, and decorate at home



Santa's Helper



WHO:  Children 5-11 years old

WHEN:  Saturday,  December  17th

TIME:   10:00am-3:00pm.

WHERE:   Van Buren Lodge (off of Connors Road)

FEE: $15.00/child  (Min # of kids = 6, Max # of kids = 15)


Finish your Christmas shopping and drop your kids off for 5 hours of babysitting right before the holidays.  Kids can make crafts, watch holiday movies, play games, decorate Christmas cookies, go sledding on the hill, etc.


Children will be required to bring their own lunch and drinks (extra snacks will be provided).  Children that wish to go sledding will also need to bring their own sleds with them.


Snow Tubing


WHO: Anyone!

WHAT: An evening of tubing!

WHEN: Thursday, December 29, 2016 and Thursday, February 23, 2017

TIME: December 29: 10am-1pm February 23: 4:00pm-9:00pm

WHERE: Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center, Fayetteville

FEE: $17.00/participant

How about a fun evening of tubing? Four Seasons is offering a great deal - only $17.00 (paid to the Parks & Recreation Department) for five hours! Those wishing to tube MUST use Four Season's equipment - you may not bring your own tubes. Advance registration is a must!

Alive at 25



WHO: Drivers between the ages of 16 and 24

WHAT: A driver's safety course targeting this age group

WHEN: To be determined (please check website after February - a class will be scheduled for late March/beginning of April)


WHERE: Baker High School

FEE: $30.00 (min for class=10; max for class=20)


Attention All High School Drivers: This course is REQUIRED to have a parking permit on Baldwinsville school grounds. The DCC-Alive at 25 class is specifically targeted to drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 -the group most likely to be involved in fatal collisions. This highly effective program encourages young drivers to take responsibility for their driving behavior. Information is presented in a nonlecture, interactive format featuring two video presentations. The course includes information concerning why young drivers often underestimate risks, state and local laws and regulations, the effects of inexperience, distractions and peer pressure and techniques to maintain control while driving and more.


This course is taught by Baldwinsville Police Officer Marty Knaul. TO REGISTER:

Mother's Day Project


WHO: Children 11 and under (parents with children under the age of 5 must remain on site with their children)

WHEN: Saturday, May 13

TIME: 9:15-10:00am

WHERE: Van Buren Town Hall

FEE: $13.00/participant (minimum #3; max #6) Children will get a chance to personalize a large clay pot using ceramic paints and fill it with flowers. This personalized pot will be transformed into a flower pot for their mothers or grandmothers for Mother’s Day.

Fishing Derby



WHO: Children, Teens and "tweens", ages 4 to 15. Those ages 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent.

WHAT: A fishing derby!

WHEN: Saturday, April 29

TIME: 8:00 - 11:00am

WHERE: Van Buren Park Pond, enter from Connors Rd.


Come see what fish can be caught at Van Buren Pond! Prizes will be given for "longest fish" in two different age categories Bring your own reels, bait, tackle, buckets, etc. Rain or shine!

TO REGISTER: Please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 638-4727, weekdays from 8:30am.-4:00pm. to let us know if your child/children will be attending, so we have an idea of a number to expect.

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt



WHO: For anyone 5 and older (max of 35 children)

WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2017

TIME: 8:00pm

WHERE: Van Buren Central Park Lodge (Connors Road Entrance)

FEE: $5.00/child ** must be pre-registered/no registration will be taken the day of the event


Bring your flashlight to find eggs filled with candy and prizes at Van Buren Park in this fun hunt! When the park gets dark your flashlight will be your guide to candy and other prizes! Please make sure to bring a bag or basket for the hunt and then stay for cookie and egg decorating at our Lodge. Shine your light bright to find the special golden eggs that your can redeem for special prizes! Please meet us at the Lodge to check in about 20 minutes prior to the hunt.

** Children 5-8 years of age may be accompanied by only one adult

Easter Egg Hunt



WHO: For anyone 10 & under (Max of 100 kids so register early)

WHAT: An Easter Egg Hunt

WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2017

TIME: 10:30am.-11:00am

WHERE: Van Buren Central Park, Canton Street entrance


The Town of Van Buren’s Recreation Department will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt at Van Buren Central Park on Saturday, April 8 at 10:30am. sharp. We can only take a limited amount of children so please register early. There will be hunting for wrapped candy and plastic eggs, some of which may be redeemed for prizes. The eggs will be hidden around the park and it may be wet, so please dress appropriately! The Easter Bunny will be available before and after the hunt so bring your camera.

February Break Craft Classes

Wednesday, February, 22 : MAKE YOUR OWN PIGGY BANK

WHO: Kids 4 and older

TIME: 9:30am-10:00am

WHERE: Van Buren Park Lodge

FEE: $6.00 (Min. for class= 3; Max. # in class = 8)

Have fun and paint your own ceramic 4" bank with top coin slot and rubber stopper on the bottom. Participants will be able to choose from an elephant, a fish, a pig or a turtle.



WHO: Kids 9 and older

TIME: 10:00am-11:45am

WHERE: Van Buren Park Lodge

FEE: $15.00 (Min. for class= 3; Max. # in class = 5)

Participants will create four - 4” mosaic tiles using air –drying indoor cement. While we are waiting for the coasters to set, we will make a mosaic tile picture frame. Kids will enjoy painting these wooden frames with non-toxic metallic paint and arranging colorful polished porcelain tiles as accents.


Thursday & Friday, February 23 & 24: MOSAIC 8” STEPPING STONE

WHO: Kids 9 and older

TIME: 10:00am-11:15am

WHERE: Van Buren Park Lodge

FEE: $15.00 (Min. for class= 3; Max. # in class = 5)

Discover just how fun making stained glass stepping stones really is! Create stepping stones using the innovative mosaic indirect method which requires no gluing or grouting. This is a two day project. Participants will set the mold the first day and lay the stones into a pattern. The following day we will do any touch up work with paint.



The Town of Van Buren Parks and Recreation Department offers recreation programs for all ages! These change seasonally; all are listed in the Parks and Recreation Department program brochures. These are published 3 times per year (December, April and September) and distributed to schools in the Baldwinsville School District, the banks in the Baldwinsville area, the Baldwinsville Public Library, and the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce. They can also be found at the Van Buren Town Hall, and at the Parks and Recreation Office.

Please do not wait to register for a program! There is a point – usually 5 business days prior to start date – when we need to make a decision whether to cancel a program due to lack of participation. Invariably, we get many telephone inquiries on a program after we’ve cancelled it!

Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and are accepted:

  • Until the business day prior to the program start date,
  • By a specified registration deadline (will be listed with the program, if applicable), OR
  • Until the program fills to capacity!

Fill out a registration form (one per person). These can either be downloaded from this website, or found in the Recreation Departments program brochures. Mail the form(s) with payment to the Parks and Recreation Department, or stop by during office hours (8:30am.-4:00pm., Monday-Friday).

Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check only – we do not accept credit cards! Please do not send cash through the mail. Completed registration form and payment must be received by this office prior to participation in a program.

** Due to budgetary and time constraints, you will NOT be sent a confirmation of your registration, OR be contacted by telephone! You will ONLY be contacted if we are unable to fit you into the program requested, or in the event of a program cancellation. So, if you do not hear from us, simply report to the program the first day it meets. You are certainly welcome to contact this office to check on any registrations.

Most of the activities listed in our brochure are the result of interest on the part of an individual or group of people. If you would like our department to expand on any existing programs or create new ones, we would welcome your suggestions! Either mail or email your ideas, call us, or visit the Parks & Recreation office during business hours. We’d love to hear from you!