Required ERS Post for Service Credit Reporting

Memo to: Supervisor and Town Board members

From: Lynn

Re: Elected/Appointed Officials Service Credit


The following employees have returned timesheets or a three month log of time worked to satisfy the new reporting requirements for the NYS Retirement System:

Lynn Precourt –  2020 timesheets

ZBA/Planning Bd. Members James Schazenbach  submitted a three month log

The Board has established the “standard workday” for these positions as follows:

Town Clerk – 6 hours

ZBA/Planning Board Members – 6 hours

Based on the timesheets and/or three month log of activities the following resolution should be approved and forwarded to the NYS Retirement System:

The Town Board unanimously passed the following resolution on May 5, 2020:

For purposes of monthly reporting for the NYS Retirement System, the standard workday and service credit to be reported to the System is as follows:

Lynn Precourt: 20 days per month, 30 days for those with three pay periods

James Schazenbach: .73 hours a month