**Please note – NO REFUNDS will be issued if you pay to go into the pool ahead of time and then you buy a season pass!! Nor will your season pass be credited later on!!





What you should know before you visit the pool…

  1. First of all, EVERYONE – regardless of residency – is welcome at Van Buren Pool! : )
  2. Children ages 10 and under are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent, or sibling/babysitter ages 15 or older.
  3. BATHING SUITS need to be worn by all patrons wishing to swim! We do not permit patrons to swim in “street clothes” (i.e., cut-off shorts, t-shirts, etc.). T-shirts may be worn in the pool OVER a bathing suit as a “cover-up” for protection against the sun, however.
  4. ALL infants and any toddlers not toilet-trained MUST wear swim diapers at all times while in Van Buren Pool!
  5. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted in Van Buren Pool! “Swimmies”, tubes, swimsuits with flotation devices built-in, etc. are permitted in the KIDDIE POOL ONLY, but are not allowed in the main pool at any time.
  6. STORM POLICY: The pool and pool area will be cleared at the first indication of an electrical storm and will re-open thirty (30) minutes after the last indication of such storm (ie., clap of thunder, visible lightning). This is for PATRON SAFETY, and will be STRICTLY adhered to!
  7. CAPACITY: Onondaga County Health Department has set the maximum pool capacity at 298 patrons, and the maximum pool area capacity at 900 patrons. When the pool or pool area reaches maximum capacity, patrons will only be admitted as space becomes available.
  8. There are only so many hours on any given day that we can keep the pool open in poor weather conditions (cool temperatures, rainy/stormy) with minimal attendance. If the weather on the day you plan to visit is questionable, you may want to call the pool before visiting!


Everyday Prices (Town of Van Buren Residents) 

Ages 5 and under : $3.00
Ages 6 to 59 : $3.00
Ages 60 and over : $3.00


Everyday Prices (Non-Residents)
Ages 5 and under : $4.00
Ages 6 to 59 : $4.00
Ages 60 and over : $4.00


Season passes:
Season passes are available! If you are a Town of Van Buren resident, please be prepared to show proof of residency. If paying by check, the address on your check is fine; if paying in cash, we will need to see a driver’s license. If a driver’s license is not available, an “official” piece of mail (i.e., a telephone or electric bill) will be sufficient.


Season Pass Rates:
Residents: Family of Four is $150.00, plus $35.00 for each additional dependent
Individual Pass: $60.00

Non-resident: Family of Four is $170.00, plus $40.00 for each additional dependent
Individual Pass: $85.00

Senior Pass (regardless of residency) = $40.00

You will be able to pick up your laminated passes at the pool when it opens. These are photo id’s, and each person in a family will receive one. Please be prepared to have your picture taken. No hats or sunglasses (may be worn for the photo), please!


There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for pool passes once they are purchased!!!