Zoning/Planning Board Members:
Anthony Geiss, Chairman, James Schanzenbach, James Ruddock, James Virginia

Mark Budosh, Roger Roman, James Bowes

Board of Assessment Review:
Roger Hand, Mary Crego, Robert Paxton and AnneMarie Doyle, Tom Dillon

Public Safety:
Councilor Howard Tupper, Chairman, Councilor Dickman, Councilor Lesniak

Parks & Rec and Facilities:
Councilor Van Der Water , Chairman, Councilor Dickman, Supervisor Sykes

Erie Canal Committee:
Councilor Ronald Dudzinski, Chairman, Councilor Tupper


Councilor Patricia Dickman, Chairwoman, Councilor Sabin, Councilor Lesniak

Supervisor Sykes, Chairman, Councilor Dudzinski, Councilor Van Der Water

Planning & Zoning:
Councilor Sabin, Chairman, Councilor Dudzinski and Councilor Tupper

Cable TV:
Councilor Sabin, Chairwoman, Councilor Lesniak

Clerk Precourt, Chair, Bradley Benton and Loren Michels

Councilor Patricia Dickman, Chairwoman, Clerk McCormick, Supervisor Sykes and Comptroller Maxwell

Neighborhood & Economic Development:
Councilor Lesniak, Chairwoman, Councilor Dickman and Councilor Sabin