We are pleased to begin accepting payments online for certain items, please note fees do apply.

To pay for fire inspection, dog license or marriage certificate visit Municipay – Town of Van Buren

To pay taxes online visit http://ongov.net/rpts/

* County/Town and School Tax Collection and Receipts

****School Tax Bills are due in September, Property Tax Bills are due in January**** If you do not receive a bill, contact the office

To pay for dog license or marriage certificate visit Municipay – Town of Van Buren

* DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation)
* Dog Licenses
* Conservation Licenses
* Marriage Licenses and Transcripts
* Handicap Parking Permits
* Trash Hauler List
* Peddlers & Solicitors’ Licenses
* Bingo, Games of Chance & Bell Jar Licenses
* Passport Applications
* Notary Service

*Freedom of Information Requests can be made to the Town Clerk, to get the request form click here

* For certificate of residency, visit the Dept. of Finance for Onondaga County here

*For information on voting in Onondaga County and the Town, visit the Board of Elections website here

Residents are encouraged to contact the office if you require any additional information relative to the above services or for general information or questions regarding the Town of Van Buren.