Fishing licenses are required when a person reaches 16 years of age.

Use this link for a Q & A from DEC on how new gun laws impact hunting:

Requirements for Resident Hunting/Fishing Licenses: You must show proof of NYS residency to qualify for residency rates.  NYS Driver’s License, Voter Registration Card, bank statement or utility bill can be used to prove residency.

Lifetime Licenses: You can purchase a lifetime license here!

Other Requirements:

Hunting – previous license or proof of hunter training course;

Bowhunting – previous license or proof of bowhunter course;

Trapping – previous license or proof of trapping course;

Junior Hunters (12 -15 Years Old) must have above requirements and a parent or legal guardian present to sign the license for permission to hunt. (Note: A qualified hunter age 18 or older must be present when a junior hunter is hunting).

Lost your hunter education certificate?  Check with the Town Clerk’s Office to see if it is in the state licensing system.  If it is not, contact DEC, Sportman Education Program, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4800 or by phone at 1/888/HUNT ED2.  You must have the following information: Full Name and Date of Birth.

For more information on Conservation licenses, visit the NYS DEC web site at

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