Ready to get married in New York State?

Are you getting married in the next 60 days (licenses are only good for 60 days)?

Keep in mind NYS still has a 24 hour waiting period between license purchase and when you can get married!

Give us a call 315-635-3010 to schedule an appointment when both applicants can be here to apply for your license.


In order to apply for a marriage license you will need the following documents:

A Driver’s License/Non-Driver’s ID Card or Passport

A Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate

$40.00 fee in form of cash or credit (Mastercard and Discover only)

I got married in New York State, but, can’t find my Marriage Certificate

You will need to get a transcript (replacement) from where ever you applied for your license.  If that is in Van Buren…give us a call 315-635-3010 to request a transcript.  It’s $10.00 each.  If you no longer live close enough to pick it up in person, submit this form to request the transcript and we will mail it to you.

If you are looking for information for Apostille Certification (for those living outside the USA) please see this informational sheet