Crego Farm Residential Dev. PUD Process


11-9-20 L-1 Crego Housing Site Plan ** This is a conceptual map subject to change

Crego Farm Planned Unit Development Review Process

The developer submits a request of zone change to the Town Board (Done for Crego farm 2/17/2021)

  • The Town receives the zone change request and formally sends the request to the Planning/Zoning Board for review (Done for Crego farm 2/17/2021)
  • The Town will hold at least two public information meetings (PIM).  These PIMs have been scheduled for 3/23/2021 and 3/25/2021.  Due to Covid occupancy restrictions these meetings will be held live through Zoom.
  • At their 3/9/2021 meeting, the Planning/Zoning Board will acknowledge the Town Board request for recommendation.
  • At a future meeting (April 2021 or later), the Planning/Zoning Board will review the preliminary documents, review public comment received during PIMs, and form a PUD committee.  The PUD committee will work with the developer to establish the zoning requirements specific to their site through a series of meetings.
  • As part of their review, the Planning/Zoning Board will complete the SEQR process.  The Full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and project proposal documents will be sent out to agencies that may have interest/input on the project.  For the Crego Farm project those agencies will include SHPO, NYSDEC, NYS Canal Corp, NYSDOT, OCDOT, Village of Baldwinsville, US Army Corps, OCWA, OCDWEP, emergency services, and Baldwinsville CSD. All of these agencies will have the opportunity to comment on the project proposal.
  • Comments and concerns raised by these agencies will need to be addressed by the developer and acceptance documentation must be received from the agencies before the process moves forward.  In the case of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), they may recommend based upon known conditions and/or previous reports, that an archeological review take place before they will send an acceptance letter.  If an archeological review is recommended by SHPO, the Town will require the developer to have an archeological review prepared.  Once acceptance is granted from the agencies the Town has satisfied their obligation of due diligence.
  • The Planning/Zoning Board will review the project plans to insure conformance with design standards for roadways, drainage, sanitary sewer and other infrastructure.
  • The Planning/Zoning Board may hold a Public Hearing for the developer to present the project to the Public, and the Public can ask questions and/or raise concerns to the Planning/Zoning Board.
  • The Planning/Zoning Board will refer the project to Onondaga County Planning for review and comment.
  • If and when all of the outside agencies and Town requirements have been satisfied, the Planning and Zoning Board will make a positive recommendation to the Town Board.
  • Once a recommendation from the Planning/Zoning Board is received, the Town Board will schedule a public hearing on the zone change.
  • Only after the recommendation is received from the Planning/Zoning Board, after having received input from all interested and involved agencies, and after the public hearing will the Town Board vote on the zone change request.