Employment Opportunities

  1. Park Attendant – A seasonal Part Time position that works approximately 15 hours per week. This oversees the park during evening and weekend hours including light maintenance and cleaning duties. Prefer that applicants are 17 years old and possess a valid NYS driver license.  Compensation is $15 per hour. There is currently 1 opening.
  2. County Resource Recovery Agency Representative – Represent the Town of Van Buren’s interests regarding ‘SITE 31’.  ‘Site 31’ is the area in the Town upon which OCRRA may construct a Sanitary Landfill. Site 31 is located in the general area of Brickyard, Turner Road and Canton Street.  The Representative would attend 1 meeting monthly and may be assigned to a committee(s).  There is no compensation for this position for 2022.
  3. Board of Assessment Review (BAR) Member – Must be a resident, be a potential voter, and attend the Onondaga County training session on the role and duties of the BAR.  This position meets only 1 day per year in May. The 2022 Compensation rate for this position was $200. There is currently 2 openings.

Any person interested being considered for a position listed above is asked to submit a letter of interest and/or a resume to the attention of the Supervisor on or before July 1, 2022.