FAQ’s Re: Crego Farm Development

Crego Farm Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the proposed community have any commercial properties?
No, the zone change request under consideration to the Town is strictly for residential use.

2. Will there be a connection to Hunter Drive from the proposed community?
Yes, however the access will be gated and for emergency access only (i.e. fire department, ambulance, police). This access will allow emergency services another entry to both the proposed community and to the Comstock Tract. There is one lot on the proposed plan that fronts Hunter Drive and vehicle from that home would travel through the Comstock Tract.

3. Will the proposed community be connected to sanitary sewers?
Yes, the proposed community would be connected to the Onondaga County sewer system.

4. Will the new community provide sewers to the Comstock Tract?
No, however sewer connections would be provided at the new community should the Comstock tract wish to pursue sewers in the future.

5. Will the proposed community raise my assessment and property taxes?
No, the proposed community will be its own separate neighborhood for assessments.

6. What outside agencies will be asked for input on the proposed community?
Currently the list of agencies include:
– Syracuse Onondaga County Planning Agency (SOCPA)
– Onondaga County Department of Water and Environment Protection (OCDWEP)
– Onondaga County Department of Transportation (OCDOT)
– Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA)
– Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department
– NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)
– NYS Parks and Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
– NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
– NYS Canal Corps
– Village of Baldwinsville
– Baldwinsville Central School District
– United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
– Greater Baldwinsville Ambulance Corps (GBAC)
– Northwest Fire District
– National Grid
– Buckeye Pipeline

7. How would the new community impact local traffic?
According to the developer’s Traffic Impact Study (TIS), a majority of the traffic from the proposed community would travel along Crego Road. Most of that traffic would turn right towards NYS 690. The TIS states that a dedicated right turn lane would be required on Crego Rd. at the Crego Rd. Downer St intersection. The TIS is available for review on the Town’s website

8. What is being done to identify and preserve potential cultural/historical items on the Crego Farm property?
As part of Planning Board’s review and SEQR process, SHPO’s Department of Historic Preservation (DHP) will be contacted for their input for identification and preservation of historical artifacts. It should be noted that the Town has already been in contact with the DHP regarding the proposed project.

9. Will there be sidewalks to the Village or along Crego Rd as part of the development?
The idea for sidewalks will be part of the Planning Board’s review process.

10. Why has the developer asked for a zone change to Planned Unit Development (PUD)?
The Town’s Code includes a PUD zoning to allow for mixed uses on a parcel. In the case of the Crego Farm property, the Developer has asked for a zone change to PUD to allow for varying single home lot sizes/setbacks and for apartment buildings. It should be noted that the PUD zone does have provisions for commercial uses; however, the zone change request for the proposed community has no commercial components.

11. Would the proposed apartments be subsidized or Section 8 housing?
No, the apartments will be marketed and rented as “market rate”