Highway Superintendent, Doug Foster, who was elected in 2012, operates the Town of Van Buren Highway Department. The department consists of nine full time equipment operators, one full time mechanic and one part time clerk. In the winter months there are also several part time people called in to operate wings in plow trucks. Maintenance for the town owned roads includes road surfacing, paving, pothole repair, sweeping, mowing of roadsides and cleaning ditches. Some projects may include repairing catch basins and constructing/installing new basins. During the winter months they plow and salt all town roads and some county roads. The department is also in charge of maintaining and replacing road signage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My mailbox was hit by a town plow, will the town fix it?

If the mailbox is struck by a town plow we will replace it with a standard mailbox. If, however, it was pushed over by snow or not installed at the proper height, then the town will not incur cost of replacement.

Will the town replace a damaged driveway culvert pipe?

If the culvert pipe has collapsed or been damaged due to age, the town will make the repair or replacement as we deem necessary. If, however, the culvert pipe was damaged due to misuse, such as, improper extension of pipe or vehicular traffic over the pipe, the town will not be responsible.

My lawn was damaged by a town plow, will it be repaired?

Yes, but bear in mind that no repairs will begin until the threat of snow or winter weather has passed. We do make lists of damaged areas, but, please feel free to contact the department to let us know about damage and any other questions you may have.

Does the town have brush/leaf pickup?

No, the town does not provide this service, many residents choose to bring their yard waste to OCRRA in Amboy, questions about their site can be directed to them at 315-453-2866.

I missed scrap metal and tire drop off day, can I still bring it to the highway department?

Yes, we accept scrap metal free of charge and tires for a nominal fee (households only) during normal business hours. Electronics are no longer accepted, please contact OCRRA for disposal options at 315-453-2866.

No dumping after hours is permitted, area is under 24 hour surveillance.

Why is the office closed on Friday?

May through September the department works Monday through Thursday 6 am to 4:30 pm.

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