Permissive Referendum for Land Swap


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a regular meeting, held on January 18, 2023 the Town Board of the Town of Van Buren duly adopted a resolution, an abstract of which follows:

Abstract: The Town of Van Buren Town Board has authorized the town to swap a 35 ft wide x 417.85 long piece of land from tax map 055.-04-02.6 with a piece of land  80 ft x 160 ft from tax map 055.-04-02.6 owned by Playa Rienta, aka, Jammer’s Sports Bar.  This swap will allow the town to obtain land beneficial for soil storage at the current highway garage while swapping a strip of land that is not needed or used due to its topography.

This resolution is subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to Article 7 of the New York State Law.  The full resolution and related documents are on file in the office of the Town Clerk, 7575 Van Buren Road, Baldwinsville, New York 13027 and is available for public inspection during regular business hours.

Lynn Precourt

Town Clerk

Dated: 1/19/23