Public Hearing July 3rd for water district extension

Town of Van Buren

Legal Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of the Town of Van Buren will hold a public hearing on July 3, 2024 at 7:00 pm to hear comments on the proposed extension of the Van Buren Consolidated Water District Ext. No 3.  The district extension will include two properties on Herman Road, tax map nos. 055.-02-02.0 and 055.-02-03.0.  The cost of the 863 feet extension will be paid by the property owner.

A petition, along with a map, plan and report for the district extension has been received by the town and is on file in the Town Clerk’s office to be viewed during regular business hours.

All interested persons will be given an opportunity to speak at the hearing.

Dated: 6/6/24

Lynn McCormick-Precourt

Town Clerk

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