****  Starting May 22:

Before you can register for the Summer Playground Program you must create a new user account to register for an account through our online platform, Civic Rec.   The Parent/Guardian must establish an account first. You must complete all questions, in order to be registered. You may add additional household members for anyone that may also want to register for classes, activities or memberships.


Swim lesson registration will begin on Monday, April 29th.  Links for registration can be found below or in the park office.  Registrations can be mailed, emailed, faxed or brought right to the office (7350 Canton Street, Baldwinsville).


The classes listed below will be offered this summer.  Due to the expanded skill sets in each, the Turtle Tot class and level 1 will last for 30 minutes, levels 2-5 will last 40 minutes each, and Level 6 will last for a full hour.


The prerequisite for each level is the successful demonstration of ALL the skills from the preceding one, except for Level 1.  In order to participate in Level 1, a child MUST be 4 years old, unafraid of the water, comfortable in a class situation without a parent present, and able to submerge his/her entire head underwater.  To accommodate 3 year-olds, we offer the Turtle Tots program.  Turtle Tots is much like what Level 1 was in the past – an introduction to the water.  The child WITH A PARENT participate in the class.  No aides will be used – only an instructor.  Unfortunately due to space issues, we can not offer many Turtle Tots classes.  Level descriptions can be found below.

LEVEL 1:  Introduction to Water Skills      LEVEL 4:  Stroke Improvement

LEVEL 2:  Fundamental Aquatic Skills      LEVEL 5:  Stroke Refinement

LEVEL 3:  Stroke Development                    LEVEL 6:  Swimming and Skill Proficiency


PRICE:   $55.00/child (Town of Van Buren residents)

                  $60.00/child (Non-residents)


CLASS SIZE:  We take up to 15 students in each class, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF LEVEL 1 AND TURTLE TOTS, in which we only accept up to 10 students per class.


**NOTE:  These are the beginning times for the classes.  Turtle Tots and level 1 will start at the stated times but will only run for the first 30 minutes.


REFUNDS:  (minus a $10.00 administrative fee per registration) for swim lessons will be given up until the THIRD CLASS of a particular session HAS BEGUN, regardless of whether the child attends the first two!  If your child is not willing to stay in the program at the end of the second class, please stop by our office before you return home that day and request a refund!  Once the third class has STARTED, there will be NO refunds given for any reason.   Lessons are run on a self-sustaining basis; enough children must register to cover the costs of running a class or it will be cancelled.  If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, then class fees will be fully refunded.  This department reserves the right to cancel or combine classes if necessary.

Please click on the attachment below to see sign up days and times of the lessons.


The description for each lesson can be found below.

Documents for Download

Swimming Lesson Level Descriptions (PDF DOCUMENT)

Swim Lesson Registration Forms:

(Please sign up for one session/class at a time as it is unknown whether a child will stay or pass a level from session to session).

Session I & II (Morning)

Session I & II (Evening)


Session III & IV (Morning)

Session III & IV (Evening)



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