Building and Ground
A cost efficient maintenance department designed to increase in house repairs as opposed to outsourcing.
Phone: 315-638-4727   |
Comptroller is responsible for all the financials of the town.
Phone: 315-635-9373 |  
Codes Enforcement Office
This office supports the Planning, Zoning and Codes Enforcement functions of the town of Van Buren.
Phone: 315-635-3604 | or
Parks and Recreation
The Parks and Recreation Department offers a diverse, year round program of activities for people of all ages, as well as a number of fine facilities.
Phone: 315-638-4727 |
Our administration believes that the Town Government must work for the people.
Phone: 315-635-3009 |
The Town Clerk is a licensing agent as well as custodian of all Town records.
Phone: 315-635-3010 | or
The Town Engineer assists Town Departments and residents with civil engineering issues. The Engineer is responsible for stormwater and landfill monitoring and reporting.
Phone: 315-635-3011 |
The Assessor’s Office is responsible for placing an equitable value on each parcel located in Van Buren.
Phone: 315-635-7997 |
Highway Department
Committed to maintaining all town-owned roadways in good, safe condition for our residents and those just passing through.
Phone: 315-635-5124 |
Justice Court
The Justice Court handles criminal and civil court matters.
Phone: 315-635-3523 |
Phone: 315-635-3011 |
Water – OCWA
Sewer – WEP
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